The BMW i8 Concept

A Global Brand Leading The Charge For Global Sustainability.

With Otto's Planet, and our philosophy of achieving a greener way of life, the Otto's family has been dedicated to supporting causes for global sustainability. On the road, and all around it, our world should not be taken for granted. For the seventh consecutive year, BMW has been crowned the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Leader. This award confirms that, since 2005, the BMW Group has been the world's most sustainable premium automobile manufacturer.

With a constantly updated menu of inspired new technologies and products, BMW is leading the charge in automotive evolution. We engineer our renowned vehicle lineup to be the most advanced and sustainable in the world. And we continuously push the limits of efficiency and performance. We do this because our goal is not to be ahead of the curve; we are determined to be ahead of everything else on the road.

With every vehicle purchased at Otto's BMW, a charitable donation is made to one of the worthwhile causes supported by Otto's Planet.